• Ursula and Neisti

    • 29-09-2015

    IN september Ursula went to an seminar with our very very nice gelding Neisti , it was the second time they two went ,they also had been there last spring

  • Fall 2015

    • 29-09-2015

    • Last weekend we drove up to to the country, to pick up few mares from us who had been last mounts with the Stallino ,Vals Frá Efra-Seli (Álfsson)
    • Now we just have to wait for next summer ,,,,,,

  • Back from Herning

    • 16-08-2015

    We are back from WM Herning

    Got many visiters coming by our booth in Herning

    It was so nice both meeting all this nice new peoble and also meeting our friends who already have visit us here in Iceland and stayed with us 


  • Grima and Bràk

    • 15-07-2015

    Our mare foals got the names Gríma frà Reykjavik and Bràk frà Reykjavik

  • We got two foals this summer

    • 15-07-2015

    We got two mare foals this summer, after an young stallion

    Vinur from Varmalandi, they have both very nice colour and caracter

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